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ECD Points delivery

ECD is also adopting smart lockers and partner stores involved delivery which are considered ECD point and could be used for parcels pick-up and drop-off.

ECD is partnering with various retail stores and implementing smart lockers in many locations to make the delivery process easier and more efficient for you as customers. You can easily drop off or pick up your parcel at the nearest ECD partner store or smartlocker to you.

Two options exist, namely:

  1. ECD Point to DOOR or DOOR to ECD Point delivery:
    Drop Off your parcel at the closest ECD point  and it will be delivered to the recipient’s door address (or visa versa). Prices start from R64, depending on size and distance.
  2. ECD Point to ECD Point delivery: Drop Off your parcel at the closest ECD point and it will then be delivered to another ECD point. The price of this service start from R64.

Stores and lockers involved delivery is beneficial as these stores exist in a wide range of locations, making them a convenient pick-up point for many customers (including individuals or businesses). Furthermore, this method of delivery saves costs due to the elimination of costly re-deliveries, and saves time for busy customers who are rarely at home and prefer to choose when to drop off or pick up their parcels following their packed and dynamic schedules.