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Privacy Policy

And Africa Co., Ltd and Its Franchises, trading under the name Easy Collect & Drop hereinafter referred to as “ECD”, provides Last Mile Delivery & Courier services. We may increase or reduce our services without prior notification. By using services provided by ECD, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out below.

  1. Introduction

The Easy Collect & Drop Website (“ECD Website”) and Easy Collect & Drop App (“ECD App”) are both operated by And Africa Co., Ltd and Its Franchises, trading as Easy Collect & Drop “ECD” (“we”). Any person using this website is referred to as a “User” or “you”.

Privacy is very important to us. When using our websites, applications and services, we may collect and use your personal information. Through this ECD Website and ECD App Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), we hope to explain how we collect, use, store and share personal information when you are using our services, as well as how you can access, update, control and protect such information. This Privacy Policy is related to information on your usage of our services, and we hope that you will read it carefully. When necessary, you may make suitable choices according to the Privacy Policy. We have done our best to use concise expressions for technical terms in this Privacy Policy, and we have also provided links to further information to help you understand the terms. Please take note that this Privacy Policy is applicable only to information collected by us through the ECD Website and ECD App, and it is not applicable to any other information collected or obtained by us and our affiliated companies through other channels and is in accordance with the POPI Act (South Africa). By using or continuing to use our services, you are deemed to consent to our collection, use, storage and sharing of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


  1. Information We May Collect

When providing services, we may collect, use, store and share your information below. It is not mandatory to provide your personal information to us, but if you do not provide certain information, you may not be able to register as our user or enjoy some of our services, or you may not receive the full benefit of our services.

Personal information provided by you
Your personal information given to us when you register/access your account or use our services, such as your name, telephone number, email, mailing address, date of birth, gender, bank card number, credit card information, debit card information, your social media account information, and so on.

Shared information that you give to others through our services, and information stored when you are using our services.

Information collected automatically by us through your use of the services,

We may collect the following information when you are using our services:
log information, which is technical information that the system may automatically collect through cookies, web beacons or other means when you are using our services, including: equipment and software information, such as your mobile device model, web browser, configuration information provided by other programs used to access our services, your IP address, software used by mobile device and device identification number;

information searched or browsed for when using our services, such as web search terms used, the URL of social media sites visited, as well as other information and details that you have browsed or are asked to provide when using our services;

information on mobile applications (Apps) and other software that you have used, as well as information about your previous usage of these mobile applications and software;

information that you have communicated when using our services, such as the account number being communicated before, as well as the communication time, data and duration;

information (metadata) included in contents that you have shared through our services, such as the date, time or venue of shared photographs or videos that are taken or uploaded.

Location information, which is information related to your location that is collected when you activate your device’s positioning function and use our location-based services, including:
information on your geographical location that is collected through GPS or WiFi when you use our services through a mobile device that has the positioning function;

real-time information on your geographical location that is provided by you or others, such as information on the region you are at that is included in account information provided by you, shared information uploaded by you or others that shows your current or previous geographical location, and geotagged information included in the photographs shared by you or others;

you can discontinue the collection of information on your geographical location by closing the positioning function of your device or the positioning function of our service website or software (if applicable).

Behavioural information, which is behavioural information that the system may automatically collect when you are using our services, including:
information on your use of our services;

information on your purchase and/or redemption of products through our services; information on your orders and cancellation of orders;

information on your other activities carried out through our services.


  1. How We May Use Information

We may use information collected in the course of providing you with services for the following purposes:
to operate and maintain services offered to you

to provide you with services;

to register an account with us;

to make you a member of ECD Rewards (if and when this exists). By registering on the ECD Website or ECD App, you agree that you are also willing to become a member of ECD Rewards. To administer your membership account, we may send you emails or messages, for example by communicating with you about your accumulated loyalty points and redemption status. We will also send you news, promotions and invitations in connection with ECD Rewards that you can unsubscribe from;

to process and deliver orders made by you on the ECD Website or ECD App;

respond to comments, queries, questions and to provide customer service,

for identity verification, customer service, security, fraud monitoring, archive and filing purposes when providing services, so as to ensure the security of products and services that we are providing to you;

to help us design new services and improve our existing services;

to process orders requests and/or otherwise provide and deliver products and services at your request and/or for additional services,

to facilitate the creation of and secure your account on our network;

to make it easy for you to use our newly-designed and newly-developed services without the need of re-registering or re-entering your personal information;

to help us have a better understanding of how you are accessing and using our services, and your preferences for ECD products, so that we can customize to your needs, such as language settings, location settings, personalized help services and instructions, or respond to you and other users in other ways;

to enable us to customise content and advertisements to you;

to assess the effects of advertisements and other promotions and publicity events that we have offered you in our services, so as to improve them further;

for software certification or management software upgrading;

to allow you to participate in surveys related to our products and services;

to reply to the specific inquiries raised by you (such as replying the questions through email, etc.);

to prevent activities that may be prohibited or illegal, and cooperate with investigation, provide remedies or take other action after the occurrence of such activities (if any) according to the laws and regulations and the requirements of competent authorities;

to implement or enforce our Terms And Conditions of Service of the ECD Website and ECD App;

with your consent, to introduce and promote our new programs, new products and new services by mail, SMS and letters;

to resolve disputes and identify issues;

to process payment for any purchases, orders, or requests made on the ECD website or app;

to comply with any court orders, law, rules, regulations, codes of practice, guidelines or requests binding on us or any of our affiliates, including without limitation to make disclosures of your personal information to regulators, governmental bodies, tax authorities or industry recognized bodies, all of which may be within or outside the region where we operate; and

in order to offer you a better experience, improve our services or for other purposes with your consent, to the extent permitted by law, we may use the information collected through a certain service on the ECD Website or ECD App for other services offered by us, by combining personal information about you and customizing our services to you. For example, information collected from your use of one of our services may be used by another service (e.g. ECD Rewards) to provide you with customized content or advertisements that are targeted to you.


  1. How You Can Access and Control Your Personal Information

We will make every effort to implement appropriate technical measures to ensure that you can access, update and modify your own registered information or other personal information given when using our services. When accessing, updating, modifying and deleting the aforementioned information, we may ask you to perform identity verification to ensure account security. You can also contact us (see the contact details in section p) to request access to, or correction of, your personal information.


  1. Information We May Share

Except in the following situations, we and our affiliated companies and franchises will not share your personal information with any third party without your permission.

In connection with the purposes set out in section c above, we may share your personal information with:
our affiliated companies, marketing partners and licensees, who are sports associations, media organisations and sport sponsors (including but not limited to manufacturers, distributors, retail companies, television stations, digital and social media organisations, banks and insurance companies); and

third-party service providers, contractors and agents (such as communications service providers who send emails or push notifications on our behalf, map service providers who provide us with location data, IT service providers, marketing service providers, data analytics companies, etc.) who may be located in your region or in other countries.

If we or our affiliated companies share your personal information with any of the aforementioned third parties, we will endeavour to ensure that such third parties comply with this Privacy Policy and other appropriate confidentiality and security measures imposed by us when using your personal information.

As our business continues to grow, we and our affiliated companies may carry out business restructuring, merger, acquisition, asset transfer and other similar transactions, and your personal information may be transferred as part of these transactions. We will inform you within a reasonable time before or after the transfer.

We or our affiliated companies may also have to retain, keep or disclose your personal information to third parties (including but not limited to government authorities, regulators, courts and law enforcement agencies) for the following reasons:
to comply with applicable laws and regulations which are applicable to us or our affiliates, within or outside your region;

to comply with a court order or legal process;

to comply with any requirement or request by regulators or government authorities of any country;

to reasonably protect social and public interest, or to protect the personal and property safety and lawful interest of our customers, us or our affiliated companies, other users or employees.


  1. Security of Information

We will only collect and use your personal information within the time period permitted or required by laws and regulations (if applicable).

We use security technologies and programs that meet industry standards to prevent the loss of information, improper use, unauthorized browsing or disclosure. For example, we make use of encryption technology (such as SSL) for certain services to protect your personal information. However, you understand that, due to technical limitations, hacking, viruses or malicious technology, it is impossible to ensure information security at all times, even though enhanced security measures are taken to the best of our ability in the Internet industry. You must understand that the system and communications network used by you to access our services may possibly face problems due to factors beyond our control. We are unable to guarantee transmission security for any information sent by you to us.


  1. Information Collection Consent Choices

The ECD website or app may obtain consent to the collection of Personal Information in different ways. Express consent may be obtained verbally, online or in writing. Implied consent may be obtained through your use of the website or app and related services and/or when you approach us to obtain information, enquire about, or request services from us. We will offer individuals the opportunity to choose (opt out) whether their Personal Information is to be used for any purpose other than what it was collected for. You will be able to opt out of receiving notifications and you may review, modify and update such personal information as stated above.


  1. How We May Collect Information

We and our third-party partners may collect and use your information through cookies and web beacons, and save such information as log information.

We may use cookie technology, web beacons, etc. in order to give you a more customized user experience and services, and for the following purposes:
to recognise you when you logon. For example: cookies and web beacon help us to distinguish your identity as our user, or to save your preferences and other information that you have given us;

to analyse your use of our services. For example, we can make use of cookies and web beacons to understand the activities you perform using our services, or the websites or services that you like most;

for advertisement optimization. Cookies and web beacons help us provide you with advertisements of relevance to you based on your information (e.g. the websites you visit), rather than general advertising.

In order to customize and enhance your membership experience, we may combine this information with personal information provided by you. Information combined with personal information becomes, and is treated as, personal information under this Privacy Policy.

When using cookies and web beacons for the aforementioned purposes, we may also collect non-personal information through cookies and web beacon, and provide them to advertisers or other partners after consolidating and processing such information, so as to analyse how users are using our services and to use for advertising services. Our products and services may have cookies and web beacons placed by advertisers or other partners. These cookies and web beacon may collect information that does not reveal your personal identity, so as to analyse how Users are using the said services, send you advertisements that you might be interested in, or to assess the effects of advertising services. The collection and use of such information by these third-party cookies and web beacon are not governed by this Privacy Policy; instead, they are governed by the privacy policy of the relevant third parties, and we will not bear any responsibility for the cookies and web beacons of third parties.

Through the browser, you can change your settings to reject or manage cookies, web beacons, etc. However, please take note that, if you discontinue the use of cookies or web beacon, you may not enjoy the best service experience, and you may not be able to use certain services as per normal, for example, banner displays may not function properly. At the same time, you may still receive the same volume of advertisements, but these advertisements may be of less relevance to you.


  1. Advertising Services

You agree that we have the right to use your information so that we can provide you with web advertisements of relevance to you.


  1. Direct Marketing

From time to time, with your consent, we may use your personal information (including your name and contact details) to send you promotions, newsletters or invitations about our games, events, charity initiatives, competitions or other features, and the activities of us and our affiliates around the world by email, phone, post, SMS message and/or social media networks (“direct marketing”).

In addition to using your name and contact details to contact you, we may use other personal information about you, for example your age, gender, purchase history, site usage, interests and preferences, to customize the direct marketing we send you.

With your consent, we may also provide your personal information to our affiliates, marketing partners and licensees, who are sports associations, media organisations and sport sponsors (including but not limited to manufacturers, distributors, retail companies, television stations, digital and social media organisations, banks and insurance companies) so that they may send you direct marketing within the categories of products and services above.

We cannot use or provide your personal information for direct marketing without your consent. We will ask for your consent when you provide your personal information to us (e.g. when you make a purchase or register a membership account for ECD Rewards).

Even if you have given us your consent to use or provide your personal information for direct marketing purposes, you may withdraw your consent at any time free of charge by emailing or by following the instructions provided within the e-mails received. You may also change your member preferences, but to do this may require your member name and password. If you have forgotten your password, you may change it via the registration page.

  1. Handling ECD Drivers’ Data: 

For transparency reasons and to facilitate the communication
with customers, ECD is permitted to disclose to its customers, on ECD user’s
app as well as the tracking link provided for receivers, the following

  • ECD Drivers’ first name
  • ECD Drivers’ WhatsApp number
  • The type of vehicle used by the driver
  • ECD Drivers’ identifying picture
  • ECD Drivers’ evaluation score (provided by previous ECD
  • The number of completed orders by the drivers.


  1. Exceptions to the Privacy Policy

Our services may include or be linked to services (including websites) offered by third parties. For example:
where you share certain contents via our services, or you make use of third-party connection services to access our services, for example by social media plug-ins or links from other websites. These functions may collect your information (including your log information), thereby installing cookies on your computer and allowing the normal operation of the aforementioned functions;

we provide you with links through advertisements or other service methods, so that you can access third-party services or websites.

These third-party services may be run by related third parties or us. The actual controller of these third-party services or websites will be responsible for ensuring that these services or websites comply with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations. To use the services of these third parties (including any personal information given to these third parties), you will be bound by the service terms and privacy policy of these third parties (rather than the Terms of Service of ECD App or this Privacy Policy), and you need to read these terms carefully. This “Privacy Policy” applies only to the information we have collected, and it shall not apply to the services offered by any third party or the rules on the use of information of third parties, and we will not bear any responsibility for information given to you by any third party.


  1. Use of Our Services by Minors

We encourage parents and guardians to provide guidance to minors below the age of 18 using our services. We recommend that the parents and guardians of minors read this Privacy Policy, and that the parents of minors give consent and guidance before a minor provides the personal information. We will not knowingly collect and use the personal information of children who are under the age of 13. If we discover that we have collected the personal information of children who are under the age of 13 but the verified parent’s consent form has not been received, we will take measures to delete this information as soon as possible. We may, at our discretion, decide to restrict children who are under the age of 13 from participating in certain functions and transactions on the ECD Website or ECD App.


  1. Scope of Application of the Privacy Policy

With the exception of certain specified services, this Privacy Policy shall apply to the services offered by the ECD Website or ECD App. Specific privacy policy will apply to these specified services. In the specific privacy policy for certain specified services, we will explain in more detail on how we will use your information in these services. The privacy policy for these specified services shall constitute a part of this Privacy Policy. If the related privacy policy for specified services is inconsistent with this Privacy Policy, the said privacy policy for specified services shall apply.

Unless otherwise stipulated in this Privacy Policy, the terminology used in this Privacy Policy shall bear the same meaning as the terminology defined in the Terms and conditions of the ECD Website or ECD App.

Please take note that, this “Privacy Policy” does not apply to the following situations:
information collected by third-party services (including any third-party websites) that are accessed through our services;

information collected by other companies or organizations who advertised through our services.


  1. Amendment

We may revise the terms of this Privacy Policy from time to time, and the revisions will constitute a part of this Privacy Policy. Please check this Privacy Policy regularly, especially before providing any additional information that reveals your identity. By your continued use of our websites, applications or services, you are deemed to accept the most recent version of this Privacy Policy. If any amendment leads to a substantial reduction of your rights under this Privacy Policy, we will post a notice on the website and/or notify you via your account.


  1. Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws

All disputes related to this Privacy Policy as well as the ECD Website and ECD App shall come under the jurisdiction of the laws of the franchise in your region, and the courts of the franchise in your region shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all claims, actions or proceedings relating to this Privacy Policy.

The headings of all the terms of this Privacy Policy are provided only for ease of reading; they are not intended to be used a basis for interpretation of this Privacy Policy.

Where any term of this Privacy Policy is invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms shall still be valid and binding on both parties.


  1. Contact

You have the right to request access to, or correction of, your personal information. You can do this by contacting ECD team in your region by accessing the following page: 

You can also contact ECD Global team at

You can also contact us if you have any queries or complaints relating to personal information or this Privacy Policy.